Brian Hartline Bends Over Girlfriend Before/After Football Awards Banquet?



Does that vest on Brian Hartline look familiar?

Thanks to the bloggers at Spawn of MZone we have visual evidence that Brian Hartline was bending over his girlfriend before or after a 2008 Touchdown Club of Columbus banquet dinner.

Somewhere along the way Harts also decided to wear one of his Big Ten championship rings – on his pinkie.

That begs several questions, but the real game here is to figure out whether Brian pulled “The Hartline” before or after dinner.

Hint: Lindsay’s hair goes from what’s going on above to what you see after the jump. You make the call.


Here is our theory on this one.

The couple went to the dinner and it was pretty boring because Jimmy Laurinaitis was at another table. There were speakers (Mike Leach). Mangino was there. Alcohol wasn’t present. Yada, yada, yada.

Harts and his chick go home, have over some friends, a camera comes out, maybe a little alcohol and it’s on.

One thing leads to another and Brian gives his future wife “The Hartline.”

Just another night in the life of a future NFL wide receiver.

Congrats, dogg.


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