Gisele Is Working Her Ass Off While Tom Gets Ready For Denver


You think Gisele’s ass is just sitting around in Boston folding clothes, asking Tom what he wants for dinner and stressing about the AFC Championship? No f-ing chance. Her ass is out working to help pay the mortgage on the massive California mansion they built.

Tom can’t do this all by himself. She only has so many serviceable years left on that body. At 33, you have to maximize the bikini shoots before the end comes. Tom knows that. Gisele obviously knows that.

So she worked in this Malibu beach shoot on Sunday.

All you lazy losers out there bitching because you can’t get ahead in life need to take note from this family. Get off your ass, even if that means working on Divisional Playoff Sunday, to make the extra dollars.

And ladies, let’s be honest, this is what you should look like after pushing out two kids. Stop eating the chicken chunks and hammer a salad – no dressing. Nope, no bacon on that salad.