Best Of Florida State Cowgirls

Best Of Florida State Cowgirls


The Florida State Cowgirls, originally started by the legendary Jenn Sterger are no longer be the organized group they once were.

There is no Twitter account or Facebook presence. Nope, no Insty. The original members have all moved on to various careers. You know Sterger’s story. CJ Perry is now a WWE Diva.

It’s a shame, but the FSU Cowgirls won’t be teasing Brent Musburger tonight with torn jean skirts or spaghetti strap shirts with crazy implants spilling out. Will a new star emerge? FSU bikini/Instagram star Lauren Hanley is in California for the game. Maybe Florida State grad and Playmate Amanda Cerny will show up on ESPN.

Until the, never forget.

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