WWE NXT Diva Lana Is Former Florida State Cowgirl CJ Perry [PHOTOS]

If college football/wrestling fans thought one of the WWE NXT Divas looked familiar, they were right. WWE NXT Diva CJ Perry, who recently took the name Lana as her Diva handle, used to be a Florida State Cowgirl — along with BC fave Jenn Sterger. That was a powerhouse Cowgirls squad.

Perry, Lexi Kaufman (Alexa Bliss), Erika Hammond (Veronica Lane), Brittany Fetkin (Devin Taylor) and Rebecca Knox (Becky Lynch) are part of the WWE NXT Diva training program.

We’re not sure what the physical challenges are of the program, but Perry’s experience in fending off horn dog Seminole fans at tailgates could come in handy.

When Perry’s not toiling in and around the ring, she is an actress who has had a few small roles. Hard not to think she won’t connect with one of her projects.

If you can deal with college football and pro wrestling crowds, you can do just about anything.

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