Colleen Gallagher – From Northern Iowa College Soccer Player To Bikini Pro

I received a message from a guy this weekend saying that Ohio State tight end Jeff Heuerman was dating bikini pro Colleen Gallagher. The emailer wrote: “Check out OSU tight end Jeff Heuermans girlfriend Colleen Gallagher. Chick is a f–kin babe!”
So I put the BC i-Team on the case. We can’t find anything besides a couple of tweets between these two. Maybe there’s some sort of low-key relationship. Good for Jeff if he’s figured out a way to land Gallagher. What isn’t debatable is that Gallagher (@ColleenGal) is rather hot.
The other big news about Gallagher is that she went from playing college soccer at Northern Iowa (2007-2010) to the bikini pro circuit. We’re talking fitness chicks, not the crazy muscular chicks who scare the shit out of normal men.
Again, this is why the NCAA made those “College athletes will be turning pro in something other than sports” commercials. I love those commercials (remember our last subject was a D3 basketball player who became a Hooters Girl?). You must have a backup plan. You just can’t be a soccer player forever. You think the U.S. women’s pro league pays any coin? It doesn’t, ladies. Backup plan. Get one.
Gallagher (Instagram) took her exercise science degree and became a fitness trainer and bikini pro.
We’ll keep working on the Heuerman thing.
Do you know a college athlete who turned pro in something we should know about? Let me know.

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