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Oct 24, 2011

Chuck Liddell’s Drunken Hawaiian Vacation [PHOTOS]

Chuck Liddell seems like a pretty normal dude, other than the fact that he could probably kill you with a kick to the head. Aside from that, he pretty much seems to enjoy the same things we all do -- getting wasted and working over broads. We've got some photos of Liddell doing just that in Hawaii. Red plastic cups, limos, hanging loose, and fun with escalators. The Ice Man Cometh! JUMP!

Oct 19, 2011

UFC Ring Girl Brittney Palmer Not Done With Ring Duties [PHOTOS]

Big news this week from the world of UFC and MMA and it actually has to do with legendary card carrier Brittney Palmer. You might have freaked when Palmer missed a summer of UFC Ring Girl duties, but fear not. She was, as we noted a month ago, working on her art and going to school. In an interview with Fitness Gurlz magazine, Palmer says under no circumstance is she finished with her UFC gig. Oh, and did we mention there are new pics? JUMP!

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Oct 14, 2011

Disgusting MMA Injuries Update: Dominick Cruz [Photos]

Look, it may not be our bag, but we'll always respect dudes who fight in UFC. You know why? Because they're bad motherf*^%ers! And we have evidence. If you're game for some of the most gruesome injuries, blood, gore and otherwise you've ever seen in your life, then we've got it for you. Frankly, it's like a train wreck -- if you can look away, or not look at all, you're better than us. That said, enjoy the gallery!

Oct 8, 2011

Watch Heavy’s Fight Day Live Show From UFC 136 [STREAMING VIDEO]

The UFC’s only official pre-fight show returns when Fight Day comes to you live from the George R. Brown Convention Center, the host of Saturday’s UFC Fan Expo. Hosts Dave Farra and Megan Olivi will guide you through the latest news of the week. UFC lightweight star Donald Cerrone will join the show to discuss his skyrocketing UFC career and his upcoming bout, and MMA journalists John Morgan and Matt Brown join Farra to break down a stacked UFC 136 card. Stream live, after the JUMP!

Oct 4, 2011

Jon ‘Bones’ Jones New Ride Is $189,000 Bentley Continental GT [PHOTOS]

It's a good day representative of hard work, sacrifice and commitment when you go down to the dealer to pick up your new Bentley Continental GT -- not that we would know about any of that. UFC champ Jon "Bones" Jones does, though. Bones called it one of the best days of his life. When you check out the specs on this bad boy, you'll know why. We've got them for you along with some pics of Bones' new ride. Pimp!

Oct 1, 2011

The Biggest Height Difference In UFC History Looks Like This! [Morning Twitpic]

If you don't have anything going on tonight we suggest you tune into Versus for UFC and a heavyweight fight that'll feature the biggest height difference in UFC history. Chew on this: that short dude is Pat Barry (5-11, 243). He'll fight the mammoth Stefan Struve (6-11, 261). Things get started at 9 EST. We're trying to figure out what's more shocking, a 5-11 243-pounder or a dude that's 6-11. Tim Sylvia is 6-8. Anyway, find time after the college games get out of hand. Let's get rolling!

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Sep 24, 2011

Watch Heavy’s Fight Day Live Show From UFC 135 [STREAMING VIDEO]

UFC 135's Fight Day comes to you live from the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado. Hosts Dave Farra and Megan Olivi will break down all of the main card action with expert panelists. UFC middleweight and coach on the current season of The Ultimate Fighter, Michael Bisping, will join Fight Day live on set. Also on set will be #1 Light Heavyweight contender in the world, Rashad Evans, who will face the winner of the night's main event at a future date for the Light Heavyweight Championship. Check out the live streaming video after the jump.

Meet Strikeforce Ring Girl Jordan Daniele [Photos]

We may not know much about much, but we do know about hot chicks and Strikeforce ring girl and model Jordan Daniele is one. That's why we're bringing you this delectable treat to close out your Friday. Here's a smoking-hot gallery of Daniele to get your blood flowing and your weekend started right! Check it!

Sep 16, 2011

Joey Diehl On Epic MMA Gash: “I Knew It Was Going To Be A Bad Cut”

Joey Diehl kinda found us today on Twitter and of course it was in the best interest of Busted Coverage to get the scoop as to how this 22-year-old MMA fighter earned "Greatest MMA Cut In Fighting History." One thing led to another and Diehl was telling us how a "lil jump knee" opened him up and turned his face into a horror scene. In a matter of minutes, Joey submitted his opponent and became an instant hero. JUMP!

Sep 9, 2011

Joey Diehl With Greatest Cut/Split Eyebrow In MMA History! [PHOTO]

That isn't Photoshopped. Totally legit. Meet Joey Diehl, an up-and-coming MMA fighter repped by Suckerpunch Entertainment. Sherdog says this guy is 5-5, 125 lbs. and now the owner of what is considered the worst cut in MMA history. This is said to have occurred over the weekend and Diehl actually won his match via submission. (Still waiting on video of this mess.) Anyway, need a better look? JUMP!

Sep 8, 2011

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Aug 26, 2011

UFC Busted Faces In Honor Of UFC 134

In case you didn't realize via the ads running on Busted Coverage, UFC 134: Silva vs. Okami happens tomorrow night in Rio. Yep, Dana has expanded the brand into South America. Anyway, in honor of this big night we have 10 of the bloodiest, most busted faces in recent UFC memory. Clearly we won't be able to include every nasty, messed up face in this gallery, so if you have your own, feel free to leave a comment below. Check out the pictures after the JUMP! (Some very graphic. You've been warned.)

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Aug 9, 2011

Banana Boat Fighter Dennis Hallman’s Elbow Is A Little Infected [Photos]

A few hours ago we told you how UFC fighter Dennis Hallman probably wrote his death wish with Dana White's operation for his banana boat stunt. Now we learn that Hillman has been in the hospital this week for a right elbow that's disgustingly infected. Dude actually dislocated that elbow last week and fought with the bad wing. Now he's shacked up and getting treated for this craziness. More - JUMP!

Aug 9, 2011

Dana White Bans Speedos After Dennis Hallman Debacle [Photos]

Dana White is still irate over Dennis Hallman's banana boat shorts during UFC 133 in Philly over the weekend. How mad is he? A ban on banana boats has been instituted. Said White, via Twitter after Hallman entered the cage: WTF!!!! Fighting in that will be illegal after tonight! Anyone want to grapple with hallman? And today it has been announced Dana has done exactly that. Details - JUMP!

Jul 13, 2011

Chuck Liddell’s House For Sale (21 Photos)

The tipsters keep sending us famous athlete houses for sale so some of you must care about our latest series on the subject. Today we hear that Chuck "Iceman" Liddell is selling his San Luis Obispo pad for $1,200,000, which is less than what he paid in 2006. No word on where Chuck has moved his operations, but this house is empty and seems to be move-in ready. Photos & house details - JUMP!

Jul 3, 2011

Dennis Siver Had Blond Hair, Blue Eyes At Start Of UFC 132 Fight [Photo]

The Internets are abuzz this morning after UFC 132 and the Dennis Siver-Matt Wiman fight for two reasons: (a.) Siver's face looked like a 1986 WWF cage match broke out on his forehead, and (b.) Dennis Siver won the fight via the judge scorecards. Oh, and did we mention Siver is Russian & gets the W on a holiday weekend? Get ready to see much more of the Russian Bloodbath, says CageWriter's Steve Cofield. More from the fight & full shot of Siver's mess - JUMP!

May 31, 2011

Jenna Jameson Cheats On Tito In Vegas? Twitter War Erupts!

We're still efforting more details on this one, but Busted Coverage can confirm that Jenna Jameson was in Vegas this weekend and multiple Twitter users told Tito Ortiz that his chick was hanging with some dude. Meanwhile, Tito was in Indy for the 500 and kinda went nuts last night after word started to spread of an image featuring Jameson and fellow UFCer Erik Apple sharing photo time. Apple even tweeted the photo to Ortiz. Here are the results! WAR!

May 20, 2011

Chuck Liddell Going Stand Up With Military Dog At Andrews AFB [Photos]

Chuck Liddell is now well into his post-UFC career, serving as Vice President of Business Development for Dana White's empire. That meant 'The Iceman' got to spend yesterday and this morning at Andrews Air Force Base flying with the Thunderbirds and having a military dog attack the former world champion. Watch that happy dog try a flying chomp maneuver that seems to totally impress Chuck - JUMP!