Texans Cheerleaders Show Out At Charity Golf Event [PHOTOS]

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No football = no problem for the Houston Texans Cheerleaders. Whether it’s taking a kid to the prom or helping out in the Houston community, the HTC are 24/7/365 beauties.

On Monday afternoon, Texans cheerleaders Bethany (@HTC_Bethany), Rachel (@HTC_Rachel), Kimberly (@HTC_Kimberly) and Krystal (@HTC_Krystal) were at the second annual Friendswood Youth Baseball Booster Club Golf Tournament in Pearland, Texas.

We’re sure there were great door prizes, goodie bags and refreshments, but the HTC were the stars of the show.

One thing draft pundits overlooked when weighing in on Jadeveon Clowney‘s NFL ceiling was how distracted he might be by the cheerleaders of his eventual pro team.

Count on BC to monitor the situation all season long to catch possible trends as they develop.

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