Texans Cheerleader Keeps Prom Promise, Goes To Dance With High Schooler



Houston Texans cheerleader Caitlyn kept her prom promise to Twitter follower @Big_Mike_71 and went to Crosby (TX) High School’s prom last night with the football player. Mike, you might remember, had to get 10,000 retweets before Caitlyn would be his date. Of course Twitter came through for the kid and made his dream come true.

Just look at the guy. Living the dream. The hottest date at the dance. Big guy becomes a star for a night.

Of course our Houston-based photographer friend Scott Byrne was there to document Caitlyn’s big night. As you can see below, the Texans cheerleaders, notorious for turning a good time into a great time, had cheerleaders waiting for the prom crew at a local restaurant.

@HTC_Caitlyn reports: “Prom was a blast! Thank you for inviting me (.)”

As for Mike, he’ll be on Fox and Friends Monday morning telling the world all about his NFL cheerleader date. I’m pretty sure he’ll be telling this story the rest of his life.