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Dec 2, 2014

USC Song Girls Close Regular Season With Strong Performance Against Notre Dame

So USC couldn’t beat UCLA in football this year and will be playing in the Whatever Bowl, no big deal....

Nov 21, 2014

UCLA’s Jim Mora Doesn’t Need a Bonfire to Get Turnt Up and Drop F-Bombs

UCLA’s annual “Beat USC Bonfire Rally” was cancelled Thursday night because of students protesting tuition increases. But this didn’t stop...

Nov 19, 2014

USC Duct Tapes Campus Statues to Prevent UCLA Vandalism

This Saturday marks the annual USC-UCLA rivalry game, which means both campuses are on vandalism watch. USC appears to be...

Nov 13, 2014

Cal Bears Punter Cole Leininger’s Fake Punt Flops Big Time

The California Golden Bears are currently getting shellacked by the USC Trojans, heading into halftime down 31-9. And as you...

Aug 13, 2013

USC Song Girls Get Wet In Tahoe – 2013 [PHOTOS]

How do we know the USC Song Girls are pretty irrelevant to the cheerleading conversation on the internet these days?...

Apr 25, 2013

Matt Barkley Fiancée Brittany Langdon: Know Your NFL Draft WAGs

The 2013 NFL draft kicks off tonight with it’s first round being broadcast in prime-time live from Radio City Music...

Apr 15, 2013

2013 USC Song Girls Swim With Mike [PHOTOS]

You know how we know the USC football program hasn’t rebounded from a disastrous 2012 when the Trojans finished 7-6...

Apr 4, 2013

Amanda Marcum Enfield Makes USC Debut [PHOTOS]

Yesterday Andy Enfield and wife Amanda were introduced to the media in Southern California. Upon accepting the head coaching job...

Apr 2, 2013

USC WAG-Off: Amanda Enfield vs. Layla Kiffin

Hot off of Florida Gulf Coast’s NCAA Tournament run, head coach Andy Enfield jumped ship and decided to head West....

Dec 16, 2011

Mark Sanchez: 2 Girls, 1 Night

New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez isn't having the best year on the football field, but he's having a decent one off it. Sanchez was spotted in New York early Tuesday morning entering a hotel with a brunette. He sent her away in the morning, ate and then brought in a blond, just in time to get a quickie in before practice. Obviously, this team is going far in the playoffs and we're sure the big swingin' dick himself will be leading the charge. Check it!

Dec 12, 2011

Drug Addict & Ex-QB Todd Marinovich Is A Really Bad Artist [PHOTOS]

Remember former Raiders quarterback Todd Marinovich? Well, if you don't, you're not alone. He was a stud at USC and his father basically raised him with one goal in mind -- you're going to be a pro football quarterback, son! Well, Marinovich was a pro football quarterback for a bit, but now he's something entirely different -- an artist. Unfortunately, he's not a very good artist. That Fine Arts degree from USC had to be good for something, though. Here's your dose of Marinovich art. Check it!

Jun 22, 2011

Reggie Bush’s New Girlfriend Looks Like Which Kardashian? [24 Photos]

If you said Kim Kardashian, you've just won a fabulous washer/dryer set! Actually, no. We're not giving you anything, but former USC and probably soon-to-be former New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush is dating a woman who looks exactly like his ex, Kim Kardashian. How much does she look like The Giant Ass? They could be sisters. A closer examination - PHOTO Gallery! JUMP!

Nov 23, 2009

Nightcapper: Mark Sanchez & Jennifer Mueller Relationship Is Over?

Jenn can go back to beer bonging and chasing Matt Barkley. You had to figure it was just a matter...

May 5, 2009

Headlines: USC Song Girl Dong Bonger Sarah Carmona Is Officially Off The Market, Gets Married

In an effort to be the blog that combines Song Girls, Dong Bongs and Sports into a cohesive unit, we...