Upton Verlander

Jun 20, 2014

Verlander Took Pageviews Putt Putting Night Before Royals Destroyed Him

  This Verlander-Pageviews relationship drama just keeps getting more interesting by the day. I’ve already¬†presented my case as to...

Jan 16, 2014

E! Source: Kate Upton & Justin Verlander Aren’t Dating – (HAHAHAHA)

Remember Monday morning when we first showed you Justin Verlander and Kate Upton at a Philadelphia Flyers game and at...

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Sep 18, 2012

Kate Upton Still Dating Justin Verlander, Spotted In Chicago [PHOTOS]

Yep, Kate Upton and Justin Verlander are still dating and going strong. While Upton has gone quiet since Detroit went nuts over the possibility of their ace dating the most notorious swimsuit model of a generation, it seems things are moving along just fine with baseball's royal couple. The two were spotted last week - in daylight for the first time - during a stroll along Michigan Ave. Relax, Tigers fan, Verlander didn't pitch that night. JUMP!

Jul 10, 2012

Photos: Kate Upton “Hanging On” Justin Verlander At Coyote Joe’s Bar

Our friends at 98.7, Amp Radio, just sent a link to photos they say are Kate Upton and Justin Verlander enjoying some quality bar time last week after that Aerosmith concert we told you about. BC reported over the weekend that there was legitimate chatter about Upton & Verlander hanging out and this should now solidify that theory. Of course you know Kate was spotted in Verlander's box. This, however, takes this story to a new level. JUMP!