E! Source: Kate Upton & Justin Verlander Aren't Dating – (HAHAHAHA)

Remember Monday morning when we first showed you Justin Verlander and Kate Upton at a Philadelphia Flyers game and at dinner? Yeah, Kate Upton‘s people say that wasn’t because the two are dating again.
Justin just needed to see her before his “core muscle” surgery.
From E!:

A source close to the buxom model explains that “Kate and Justin are not back together” and that the athlete asked for Upon to visit him before he underwent surgery.
“She wanted to be there for him,” the source added.

Look, you and I know how this usually goes and ends up in our lives. Most of us have been in this situation and want to test the waters one more time before surgery. You play the surgery card.

The team announced the news that Verlander, who is currently in a Philadelphia hospital recovering, is set to undergo six weeks of physical therapy and will be ready to play at the beginning of the 2014 season.

I’ll just remind the A.L. East fans out there that Verlander was 12-4 while the two were dating the first time.

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