Patrick Willis

May 13, 2013

Patrick Willis Pumps Bullet Into Snake Who Was Perpetrating

If you want to piss off animal rights activists, be a high-profile NFL player, shoot a snake and then post...

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Feb 1, 2013

Patrick Willis, Frank Gore & Michael Crabtree Hit New Orleans Strip Club [VIDEO]

Our friends at TMZ have received exclusive video footage of three of the 49ers stars, Patrick Willis, Frank Gore and...

Jul 16, 2011

Kenny Powers Is CEO Of K-Swiss: Uncensored Version [Video]

To take a word from the Kenny Powers dictionary, the Kenny Powers K-Swiss ads give me a boner. Here's comedian Danny McBride completely uncensored taking over as K-Swiss CEO in his best ad spot yet. We saved this for the weekend so you could turn this up at home and scare the #@%^ out of your dog. Enjoy. JUMP!