Erika Costell Destroys A Beach, Ric Flair Back From The Dead & Red Bull Bro Does 1440

CFB isn’t done for the weekend. Now we get Tennessee-Ga. Tech from the Mercedes at 8 on ESPN. We need a better game than what we saw Saturday night from that new stadium. By the way, doesn’t it feel like they’re still playing at the Georgia Dome? I can’t tell a difference. You’ll also get the U.S. Open Sweet 16. And baseball. And golf!

IG superstar Erika Costell destroys a beach

Ric Flair’s back from the dead!

Horrible MLB ankle injury…don’t watch this…I warned you

Red Bull bro does 1440-degree front cork…& you don’t even have to watch a commercial to see!

Buy Patrick Willis’s house for a cool $5.5 million

Toledo’s wacky legend Opal Covey gets TV time for mayoral race

Whole Foods gets sued for this f’d up chicken

Here’s Miranda from Texas A&M

Your Moment of Flair Because Ric’s Still Alive and It’s Time To Get These Rolling Again

Your Moment of Flair….when some punk millennial interrupts what you're saying like the punk millennial he is

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) September 4, 2017

Fried Chicken Sandwich of the Day

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