padres ball girl

Mar 31, 2014

Why Is Everyone Overreacting To Padres Ball Girl Catching Liner?

      Is everyone kissing Padres Ball Girl’s ass because she’s a girl and caught a liner? All I’m...

Sep 12, 2012

Padres Security Guard Ruins SportsCenter Top 10 Moment For Ball Girl [VIDEO]

This isn't the first time we've featured one of the San Diego Padres ball girls here on BC. A few weeks back, Padres ball girl Catalina made an insane catch. We've come to expect greatness from the Padres ball girls so this video is a real bummer. It's a different ball girl, but she seems primed and ready to make a great catch. Enter cowardly security guard. This guy is there to protect people and he scurries off like a little kid, botching the ball girls catch attempt! JUMP!

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Aug 28, 2012

Padres Ball Girl Snags Line Drive; Catch Of The Night [VIDEO]

Last night's Padres-Braves game came and went. Odds are none of you watched it and that's a damn shame because you missed the catch of the night. Logan Forsythe, the Padres infielder hit what looked like a routine foul ball...until a Padres ball girl named Catalina stepped in. Hopping up instinctively from her chair, Catalina stuck her glove out and pulled a frozen rope out of the air. Best part? Braves reliever Chad Durbin pays Catalina his respects with a fist-pound. JUMP!