Why Is Everyone Overreacting To Padres Ball Girl Catching Liner?


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Is everyone kissing Padres Ball Girl’s ass because she’s a girl and caught a liner? All I’m seeing across Twitter today is that Padres Ball Girl mad the catch of the year three games into the season.

Do we not expect our ball girls to be able to catch liners? Do we expect girls to not be able to catch liners? Do we expect MLB teams to hire ball girls who don’t have baseball talent? What the hell are we expecting here? That the ball girl has never worn a baseball glove.

Just look at these “Padres Ball Girl” Google results.

Let’s all stop with the shock and awe of a ball girl making a play. Hell, the Padres, as of 2012, had a ball girl that spent 15 years on the job.

Padres Ball Girl didn’t really react last night because this was a routine play.

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