Oregon Cheerleaders

Aug 25, 2014

Oregon Cheerleaders Ice Bucket Challenge Grade: B-

  Watch the dump from the Duck mascot. Fail. I’m impressed by the setup on this one from the Oregon cheerleaders, but the execution was lacking. They obviously needed much more water to take this one to the B+ or...

Mar 5, 2014

Oregon Cheerleaders Do A Polar Plunge

[vimeo 87523223 w=600 h=337] Eugene Polar Plunge 2014 from Blue Bus Creatives on Vimeo. Is this winter slowly killing you? Well, harden the fuck up, sparky! The Oregon Cheerleaders are so not bothered by this winter that they are jumping...

Nov 6, 2013

The Best Of Oregon Cheerleaders [PHOTOS]

Would Busted Coverage be what it is today without the Oregon cheerleaders? No chance. I got to thinking the other day that it has been 4+ years since I published photos of legendary cheerleader Amanda Pflugrad, recognized as the first...

You’re Going To Love This New Oregon Cheerleaders Video

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VQBqO4pmYI&w=600&h=450] Does Oregon have a cheerleading scout who just travels the West Coast and Rockies convincing the hottest, most-flexible women to come to Eugene? They must. What other possible explanation can there be for having this solid a squad year-in...

Sep 16, 2013

Oregon Cheerleaders Throwing The ‘O’ On Capitol Hill [PHOTOS]

Truth: if we elected nothing but Oregon cheerleaders to Congress, America would be a much better place. Citizens would certainly pay a hell of a lot more attention to what happens in the House and Senate. The Oregon cheerleading squad...

Sep 6, 2013

Oregon Cheerleaders At Triangle Lake 2013 [PHOTOS]

  We’ve officially entered a new era for the Oregon cheerleaders. Not only are familiar faces like Stephanie Essin gone, but the girls have officially moved their Triangle Lake photo posting game to Instagram from Facebook. How do I know...

Aug 29, 2013


May 23, 2013

100 Best Oregon Cheerleaders Photos For Summer

Name: Oregon Cheerleader  |  Age: 18-22  |  @OregonCheer Upcoming Project: A season without Chip Kelly...

May 2, 2013

The 2013 Oregon Cheerleaders That’ll Be Driving Brent Musburger Nuts [PHOTOS]

It’s like Christmas morning for Brent Musburger. The Oregon Ducks have selected the cheerleaders who’ll represent the school on the sidelines this fall via a multi-day tryout process that made news on BC this week due to a $5 entrance...

Apr 30, 2013

Oregon Charged Spectators $5 To Watch Cheerleader Tryouts [PHOTOS]

The evolution of NCAA cheerleading took a new step forward last night in Eugene, Oregon. The Ducks cheerleading team (@OregonCheer) held tryouts at Matthew Knight Arena and it wasn’t your normal cheerleading tryout. The general public was encouraged...

Mar 28, 2013

March Madness Oregon Cheerleader Blowout [40 PHOTOS]

It’s a rare time of the year to be seeing the Oregon Ducks cheerleaders on TV, but they’ll be shaking their asses Friday night on your 60″ LED. The 12th seeded Ducks face #1 overall seeded Louisville in Indianapolis at...

Jan 3, 2013

Oregon Cheerleaders Invade Fiesta Bowl [PHOTOS]

The Oregon Ducks cheerleaders have been keeping busy in the days leading up to tonight’s Fiesta Bowl game. Did you really think they were going to go to Arizona without a plan of attack? Did you really think they weren’t ...

Oct 8, 2012

Inside Oregon Ducks Cheerleader Locker Room Before Washington Game [PHOTOS]

Here I thought the Oregon cheerleaders were under orders to not upload locker room photos to Facebook. It was early September when BC first started noticing the pregame pics full of duck faces, mirror posing and spray tans. If there...

Sep 27, 2012

Greatest Oregon Ducks Cheerleader Documentary – EVER [VIDEO]

Finally, a documentary on the Oregon cheerleaders has been made and uploaded to YouTube. Sure, it's only 6:23 (minutes) long, but the story can be told via a couple of dance routines (in 720p) that you'll be showing the boys at work. How this Tom Emerson character got this kind of access to the girls is beyond our comprehension. Seriously, he nearly gets kicked in the head. Tom soldiers on and gives you so many hair whips that you'll need a shower. JUMP!