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Oregon Cheerleaders Do A Polar Plunge

Eugene Polar Plunge 2014 from Blue Bus Creatives on Vimeo.

Is this winter slowly killing you? Well, harden the fuck up, sparky! The Oregon Cheerleaders are so not bothered by this winter that they are jumping into really cold water for a good cause (and they aren’t towing around the spare tire that you are).

The Oregon Cheerleaders participated in the 2014 Eugene Polar Plunge late last month, and now there is video proof of these lovely ducklings running into the frigid waters at Maurie Jacobs Park (above at 2:00 mark).

The Oregon Cheerleaders’ efforts helped raise funds for Special Olympics Oregon. Each participant had to raise a minimum of $50 before they jumped into the drink.

The Oregon Cheerleaders have plenty of season left, too. The Ducks men’s basketball team hosts No. 3 Arizona in Eugene on Saturday (4 p.m. ET on CBS).

[H/T: @OregonCheer]

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