Mark Sanchez

Aug 23, 2016

Mark Sanchez Plays Guitar In Santa Monica, Belts Out Bieber, Old Crow Medicine Show

Didn't think Mark's library would include "Wagon Wheel."

Jan 13, 2016

Mark Sanchez Feeds Bird on Mountain

Sanchize takes in nature.

Jun 29, 2015

Mark Sanchez Now Driving Snow Camo Wrapped Jeep Wrangler

  You know who you won’t see driving to the Linc on Saturday, December 26 when the Eagles play the Redskins at 8:25 on the NFL Network because it’s snowing? Mark Sanchez. No way you’ll see him coming down the...

Mark Sanchez Singing Backstreet Boys At Karaoke Bar

[protected-iframe id=”75e9c26a82046fef1b9c228fa628fb05-22577676-23105199″ info=”” width=”600″ height=”600″ frameborder=”0″]   Have you been waiting to hear Mark Sanchez belt out “I Want It That Way” at a karaoke bar? It’s your lucky morning. This video surfaced overnight and the Philly sports radio community...

Jun 3, 2015

Early Contender For Best Rex Ryan & Mark Sanchez Halloween Costumes Of 2013

Of course a couple of high school kids would get together and grab an early lead in the 2013 Mark Sanchez & Rex Ryan Halloween Costume of the Year contest. It seems that Nick and Connor (the Sanchez) pulled off...

Oct 11, 2013

Guy Wearing Mark Sanchez Jersey Robs Florida GameStop

Mark Sanchez is so cursed that his lack of judgement rubs off on criminals who wear his jersey while committing a robbery. Take the man in the photo above, whom authorities say knocked off a Game Stop in Vero Beach,...

Oct 11, 2013

Aug 26, 2013

NYC Exotic Dancer Begs Rex Ryan To Start Geno Smith

What a great weekend for Rex Ryan. He starts Geno Smith in Game 3 of the preseason and then throws Mark Sanchez into the game against the Giants in the 4th quarter behind backups. What happens to Sanchez? He hurts...

Jun 26, 2013

Mark Sanchez Got Naked With Alana Kari & Janna Van Burkleo [VIDEO]

[youtube]   Remember yesterday when we showed you Mark Sanchez partying in a Napa house with monster truck model socialite Alana Kari and another socialite named Janna Van Burkleo? Yeah, well there was more to the Vine that Kari...

May 3, 2013

19 Best NSFW Reactions To Mark Sanchez’s Soccer Headband

Poor Mark Sanchez. The guy just doesn’t know when to lay low and not make headlines. Instead, he decided to wear one of those soccer tool headbands popularized in Europe and then by soccer dweebs in the U.S. who want...

Dec 18, 2012

27 Most NSFW Mark Sanchez Hate & Death Threat Tweets You’ll Ever Read

We throw the term ‘NSFW’ around quite a bit when it comes to these Twitter posts. Usually comprising of a few f-bombs, maybe an n-bomb thrown in there, the posts don’t generally don’t become threatening or personal. All that changed...

Dec 2, 2012

Patrick Peterson’s Circus INT Helps Bury Career Of Mark Sanchez [VIDEO]

The New York Jets and Arizona Cardinals are engaging in a game to see who can score the least amount of points in the most embarrassing way. Mark Sanchez actually threw I decent ball (I couldn’t believe it either) but...

Oct 24, 2012

Mark Sanchez & Eva Longoria: The Break Up

Reports are coming in left and right that Mark Sanchez and Eva Longoria have broken up. The couple was together for nearly five months, longer than any of us expected the affair to last. Props to Mark for pulling a...