Mark Sanchez Now Driving Snow Camo Wrapped Jeep Wrangler



You know who you won’t see driving to the Linc on Saturday, December 26 when the Eagles play the Redskins at 8:25 on the NFL Network because it’s snowing? Mark Sanchez. No way you’ll see him coming down the road because he’s now the proud owner of this snow camo wrapped Jeep Wrangler.

Customized by Ezie Wraps in Santa Fe Springs, CA, Mark’s snow camo Jeep is sitting on 20s from Dropstar Wheels that should have no problem trudging along I-95 in a wintery mess.

Sanchise is scheduled to make $3,750,000 this season waiting for Sam Bradford to get hurt. It’s probably smart to have a little camo on your ride so Eagles fans won’t see you coming when the team is 4-10 heading into that game against the Redskins.

Remember, it’s a snow camo Jeep thing — you losers wouldn’t understand.



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