lolo jones

May 14, 2015

God Has Lolo Jones’ Back in the Dating Game

If you are Christian, funny, attractive, and most importantly, a gentleman, Olympic athlete Lolo Jones needs you in her life...

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Jan 29, 2014

Lolo Jones Slid Her Ass Into Olympics Uniform

From Lolo Jones (Instagram): Trying on The Official Olympic Bobsled Uniform with@jamieGreubel #sochi And there was this: She also tried...

Jun 17, 2013

Lolo Jones Made $741.84 From Seven Months Of Bobsledding [VINE]

You know what sucks as an athlete who is representing his/her country? Working for seven months at a sport, representing...

Feb 12, 2013

Injured Lolo Jones: “I Don’t Want To Die A 30-Year-Old Virgin” [PHOTOS]

Lolo Jones made quite the splash when she announced she was making the switch from track to bobsledding. She’s been...

Feb 4, 2013

Lolo Jones, Jeremy Shockey & DeMarcus Ware Compete In Beignet Eating Contest [VIDEO]

Brought to you by Visa – How will you make your Super Bowl Epic? #MakeItEpic While everyone else was in...

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Oct 3, 2012

15 NSFW ‘Is Lolo Jones Really F-ing Serious About Racing Eric LeGrand’ Tweets

In case you missed it, former Rutgers defensive tackle and paraplegic Eric LeGrand sent a playful tweet to Lolo Jones challenging her to a race. Being the thinker that Jones is, she responded quickly with, "Get Checked for a concussion. Clearly, u’ve been hit in the head… Cos u arnt beating a track athlete.” She sent a few more ignorant, insensitive tweets before realizing her folly. Obviously Twitter lost it on the dumb track star. JUMP!