Lolo Jones is Busy Taking Shots at Blake Griffin on IG

Famous virgin Lolo Jones chimed in on the blockbuster Blake Griffin trade on Instagram, and her hot takes have nothing to do with how he’ll survive Detroit winters or keep up his promising acting/comedy career. Nope. Instead Lolo decided to shed some negative light on Blake’s kissing game.

As you can see in the screengrab below, Lolo says she had “the worst date of her life” with Blake before dropping the hammer on how he kisses:

Got damn. Everyone kicking him out the door too.

— clipboard confucius (@james_art_do) January 30, 2018

She then commented on a House of Highlights IG post with a Kendall Jenner jab, because repeatedly taking public taking digs at someone you allegedly went on a bad date with is a sane move:

Lolo Jones is really not a fan of Blake

— C C H (@CHrypt1c) January 30, 2018

So much negative energy from Lolo tonight. Was the date really that bad? And if it was how did it end with a kiss?