Lil Wayne

Apr 9, 2016

Lil Wayne Gave Tom Watson A Standing Ovation In His Living Room

Tom Watson played his last round at Augusta yesterday and got a great standing ovation on his final walk to...

Apr 2, 2015

Cold Front Hits McKinney, Bielema Gets Baby Shower Invite & D-League Dancer Hillary

  Give me the NIT title game – Miami vs. Stanford – and the college slam dunk contest, which will...

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Feb 10, 2013

Did Dwayne Wade Go Mortal Kombat At Metta World Peace? [VIDEO]

The Miami Heat were in playoff form today, as they dismantled the Los Angeles Lakers, 102-88. During the second half...

Jan 18, 2012

So Dez Bryant Beefing With Weezy At Club LIV In Miami Over The Weekend

Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant is a dumb thug, this we know. He got suspended at Oklahoma State and he's been dealing with unpaid loans since he's been in the pros. He's supposedly got plenty of talent, though. Too bad he didn't show it in 2011, a season where he caught 63 balls for 928 yards -- not bad, but certainly not as advertised. So what is Bryant doing this offseason? Fightin' Weezy in the club. Seriously. JUMP!