LA Kings Ice Girls

May 6, 2015

Meet LA Kings Ice Girl Chelsea R.

Still missing Los Angeles Kings postseason hockey? Get over it. There are so many other ways to burn time: NBA...

Apr 1, 2015

Watch: Day 2 of the L.A. Kings Ice Girls’ Bikini Calendar Shoot

Need a little motivation to truck through the homestretch of Hump and April Fool’s Day? Don’t worry, the Los Angeles...

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Mar 25, 2015

Watch the L.A. Kings Ice Girls Pose In Malibu for Bikini Calendar Shoot

If the NHL playoffs started today, last season’s champions, the Los Angeles Kings, would not be a part of the...

Oct 16, 2014

The L.A. Kings Ice Girl Auditions Seemed Like A Good Time

  (I’d buy a ticket to watch hot chicks skate around in bikini tops.) Didn’t think hot chicks in L.A....

Feb 13, 2013

Know Your Kings Ice Girls: Vanessa Likes Walking Dogs & Playing Guitar!

The Los Angeles Kings have done it again. The 2012-13 crop of ice girls is one of their best yet...

Jun 12, 2012

Chicks Of The Stanley Cup: L.A. Kings’ Ice Girl Carryln Has A Pet Mouse! [PHOTOS]

Tired of chicks wearing Kings gear yet? We'll probably stop posting chicks in sweaters at some point this week, but at this point Team BC just can't get enough of the ladies rooting for L.A. in the Stanley Cup. Drink it up, boys. Remember last year in Vancouver? Sure there were some Canucks racks to look at but most of those chicks are fugly. Kings' chicks are on a whole other level. Take Ice Girl Carryln. She's hot, knows hockey & has a pet mouse. Marriage material! JUMP!