The L.A. Kings Ice Girl Auditions Seemed Like A Good Time

(I’d buy a ticket to watch hot chicks skate around in bikini tops.)
Didn’t think hot chicks in L.A. could skate? You’re soooooo wrong. Think of all the hot chicks from cold climates that go to Hollywood dreaming of getting their big break scooping up hat trick lids. Each year there is a new crop of North Dakota 10s escaping the frozen tundra thinking they’ll get an acting gig, but they eventually end up at the L.A. Kings Ice Girl auditions skating for judges.
Name a cold state: Minnesota, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Maine, New Hampshire, Michigan, etc. They’re all sending their 10s to Hollywood. A majority of those 10s grew up skating on an outdoor rink not even thinking that skill could one day land them a spot on the Kings Ice Girls. Dreams do come true.
There was commotion a month or so ago when the Flyers announced they were axing the ice girls program. Of course there was incessant booing from Philly fans that made the Flyers brass change their minds.
You know who isn’t trying to pull some stunt like axing ice girls? The Kings. Year after year after year this team just does things the right way. Take notes, Philly.
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