Joe Haden

Oct 31, 2014

Johnny Manziel Yelling At Knicks-Cavs Ref: ‘That’s Bullshit’

    I might’ve heard an f-bomb in there, too. Look, you can’t accuse Johnny of not being on Team...

Oct 1, 2012

Joe Haden Gets Engaged To @Sarah_Moo During Bye Week/Suspension [PHOTOS]

The Cleveland Browns might be 0-4 and headed for the worst record in the NFL, but that didn't stop Joe Haden from getting engaged over the weekend to his girlfriend @Sarah_Moo. That's her Instagram account that she has now deleted. No, we don't have a full name for this Persian chick that Haden has decided to grow old with. It was around this time last year when Peyton Hillis got married in the middle of a work week. JUMP!

Jun 19, 2012

Joe Haden Makes Kent State/Florida CWS Bet Today With Josh Cribbs; Game Was Last Night!

If you missed it, Florida last night played Kent State in the College World Series. The Gators had the bases loaded in the 9th but lost, 5-4. Blah, blah, blah. The story made its rounds & was all over SportsCenter, but apparently former Gator CB Joe Haden missed the news. Get this, he wanted to bet Josh Cribbs (who went to Kent) on the game - this morning. JUMP!

Apr 16, 2012

If Browns DB Joe Haden Is Eventually Bankrupt Which Car Will He Keep?

Look, we're not here to tell athletes how to spend their paychecks. It's their money. Burn stacks of $20s to light water bongs for strippers for all we care. Want to knock up 10 broads and have 12 total kids? Have at it, brah. Want 15 cars that instantly decrease in value? What are you waiting on? Just don't cry - like Warren Sapp - that you're broke and it's either bankruptcy or jail. That brings us to Joe Haden & his growing car collection. It's spectacular! JUMP!

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Aug 9, 2011

The Top 50 NFL Twitter Must-Follows

Just getting around to opening a Twitter account and have no idea who you should be following during the upcoming NFL season? BC sent our Twitter researcher, Robert, in search of the 50 NFL player Twitter accounts you need to follow - immediately. (Yes, T.O. is on the list. He'll be back.) Whether it's what they're eating or thinking, you must make these 50 individuals part of your daily life. The list - JUMP!