Jay Bilas

Mar 16, 2013

UCLA Cheerleaders Get Ready For Pac-12 Title Game In Las Vegas [PHOTOS]

As any college basketball team can tell you, it’s important to play to your strength in March. The Pac-12 conference tournament doesn’t have the history of the Big East or ACC tourney, but the conference always has the hottest cheerleaders....

Guy In Penguin Suit With Sign That Asks Where The Library Is [PHOTOS]

First of all, Vanderbilt student, that sign is hilarious. Vandy is known for being a completely nerdy school where all of these dorks got 1500's on the SATs. This guy used his brains to make a sign joking about the nerds at Vandy not caring about sports as they take on number 1 ranked Kentucky. Oh yeah, he also dressed in a penguin suit. Also, there was a small child in Vandy hat with a slice of pizza.  JUMP!

Feb 11, 2012

College Gameday Signs: ‘Jay Bilas The Trillest’ [PHOTOS]

This may be the best College Basketball Gameday sign of all time. A picture of ESPN's sports personality Jay Bilas looking like a gangster with a sign that reads "JAY BILAS THE TRILLEST". Two bored girls sat in the background with a sign that read "The losing stops now." It may be time to get you some caffeine or amphetamines to wake you up for all of the college basketball today because gameday is in Pittsburgh. They also played the 'dating game' with the players. JUMP!

Jan 21, 2012

Dick Vitale and Jay Bilas Get Awkward on Live Television

This video is making the rounds, because, well, that’s what happens when ESPN analysts get angry with each other on set. But the basic premise is this: Jay Bilas and Dick Vitale discuss snubs on television, and Vitale, ever the...

Mar 16, 2009