J.R. Smith

Jun 3, 2015

Here’s J.R. Smith Casually Airballing a Half-Court Shot During a Team Huddle

Leave it to J.R. Smith to be up to J.R. Smith-type things one day before the start of the NBA...

Jan 12, 2015

People of Phoenix Randomly Cheer Hard for J.R. Smith

  The world might not have to wait much longer for the return of LeBron James. According to ESPN, James...

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Dec 16, 2014

J.R. Smith Loves That Louis Williams Might Have Two Girlfriends

For an athlete (or anyone, really) an open relationship is pretty much the ideal situation, right? Sure the public might...

Perennial Idiot J.R. Smith Associates Black Friday With Slavery

  The New York Knicks had an off day on Tuesday, giving J.R. Smith all the time in the world...

Nov 26, 2014

J.R. Smith Suspended 1 Game For Punching Glen Rice Jr. in the Nuts

It’s very rare to see a punch connect during an NBA game. Usually it’s just a bunch of 6’5” dudes...

Nov 5, 2014

Ladies! J.R. Smith’s Dong In Sweatpants!!

  Here is the J.R. Smith photo that is driving black women nuts today on Twitter and other social media....

May 14, 2013

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