Here’s J.R. Smith Casually Airballing a Half-Court Shot During a Team Huddle

Leave it to J.R. Smith to be up to J.R. Smith-type things one day before the start of the NBA Finals.
Ol’ J.R. started off his Wednesday hot, reposting — then deleting — an Instagram post that referred to Caitlin Jenner as a “science project.” This is obviously distasteful for a number of reasons, but this is pretty run-of-the-mill stuff from J.R. on social media. You may recall him posting an image on Instagram that suggested Black Friday “stemmed from slavery.”
And J.R. apparently kept it going in practice as CBS Sports’ Matt Moore caught footage of the streaky shooter launching a half-court airball during a team huddle:
If only someone was guarding him
Oh, and that was just one of four attempts:

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