May 29, 2015

Australian Newspaper Busts Out A Great Headline For A French Open Match

We love good headlines here at BC, almost as much as Rovell who’s thinking of headlines 24/7. We post the NY Post and Daily News everyday because headlines get the juices flowing. This Aussie newspaper was covering fellow countryman Thanasi...

Mar 1, 2015

Brett Favre Went Boar Hunting Last Week

Can’t get more classic Favre than this. All the guy knows how to do is play football, send dick pics, and be a super redneck. I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know Boar hunting was a thing until now. I...

Feb 22, 2015

Michael Phelps Is Engaged to Nicole Johnson

https://instagram.com/p/zZNwEhyx33/?modal=true Last time we heard about Michael Phelps’ dating life his girlfriend turned out to be a tranny. Now about 3 months later he’s engaged to a different girl. At least this one is a woman — Miss California back...

Win $10,000: Vote for DORITOS Crash The Super Bowl Commercial Contest

Of course you remember the consumer-generated 2011 DORITOS Super Bowl commercial where a hungry pug destroys a front door to get some spicy nacho chips. The YouTube video of the spot is nearing the 4-million play mark and is a BC favorite. DORITOS is back for the 2012 Super Bowl and needs you to help pick one of the two fan-made finalist ads that will air during the Super Bowl. Don't worry, DORITOS has something for you, too. For every 100,000 votes, somebody is going to win $10,000, up to a maximum of $100,000. VOTE NOW and enter for a chance to win some cash! JUMP!

Jan 4, 2012

Photo: Cum Husk? What The Hell Is That, Phillies Fan?

Update: The boys at CrossingBroad figure out the meaning of cum husk and it’s pretty anticlimactic. We’re usually down with the latest use of the word ‘cum’ because our email inbox becomes the playground for you idiots. And then we...

Jul 28, 2010

…And You Thought New England Ran Up The Score

BC’s all-things Reno reporter Trevor sent word over the weekend that a Nevada 8-man football team went New England Patriots on an opponent. Coleville put an ass whoopin’ on Mineral County Friday night with a 78-point victory, 108-30. Yes, very...

Oct 20, 2009

Sep 21, 2009

Headlines: QB Willie Tuitama Goes From NFL Draft Bust To BW3 Server

Would you like those boneless wings covered in spicy garlic? Ever desired to be served wings and beer from the University of Arizona’s all-time leading passer and a guy who was once labeled the next great NFL QB? Just stop...

Sep 4, 2009

Sabine Lisicki’s Ankle Is A Little Sore This Afternoon

As if losing to the 139th player in the world wasn’t a big enough insult, Sabine Lisicki got to leave the U.S. Open via wheelchair, wiping tears from her eyes. Yeah, it looks ugly and is. Oh, and this happened...

Aug 24, 2009

Paula Creamer Goes Tebow At Solheim, Brings Jorts Sexiness To Golf

Yes, America, are you ready for the return of jorts to your wardrobe? Paula Creamer broke out a pair at the Solheim Cup and all we can think of is Paddy Harrington and Ernie Els ripping a 3-wood while rocking...

Aug 20, 2009

Headlines: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Now Have Five Toilets To Use!

The Dallas Cowboys take the field tomorrow night. Not only is the new stadium an upgrade for the football players, the cheerleaders are stoked, too. Now, each woman has her own locker, a mirror and storage space – and there...

Jul 1, 2009

Headlines: The New Tennis Grunting Game – Pro Or Porn

This whole women’s tennis grunting issue has spawned its own viral marketing campaign. In true Internet fashion some bored individuals who are probably unemployed, like porn sounds and tennis grunting came up with a game via YouTube. It’s called Pro...

Jun 30, 2009

Headlines: Is Mike Ditka The New Billy Mays?

Any time a legend passes there are important questions that need answered. Who gets custody of his children that were born from the sperm of a guy who went from being black to white? Or, who takes over as the...