Brett Favre Went Boar Hunting Last Week

Can’t get more classic Favre than this. All the guy knows how to do is play football, send dick pics, and be a super redneck. I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know Boar hunting was a thing until now. I guess it’s next level redneck, something us normal people wouldn’t understand. All you need now is a picture of Brett Favre and Chipper Jones boar hunting and it might break the redneck space time continuum.
Also, what the hell is this app he’s using? Sqor? I’ve never heard of it. Why not just stick to Twitter? I shouldn’t be surprised though, Favre has been endorsing basically everything that comes his way since he’s retired and I’m assuming he gets a check to use it. Or maybe I’m just out of the loop.


Darnell Dockett Won’t Rat You Out For Stealing
Darnell Dockett Won’t Rat You Out For Stealing
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