Drunk Jerry Jones

May 22, 2014

Jerry Jones Might’ve Been Shitfaced… Or Tired Last Night In Atlanta

  Lazy eyes? Long work day? Latin Wednesdays? I always thought it was White Girl Wednesday. It’s refreshing to see...

Nov 11, 2013

Drunk Jerry Jones Sleepwalking Past Rick’s Cabaret In French Quarter

Jerry Jones enjoyed his weekend in the French Quarter until Sunday night’s ass kicking, of course. BC reader @JohnBecknell spotted...

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Oct 3, 2012

Jerry Jones Hires New Bodyguard [PHOTOS]

Everyone relax, these two photos of @KailinBOSS & Jerry Jones are from over the summer. It's not like he was drunk this week and hanging on a Saints fan (which she is) who also roots for Alabama (which she does). Kailin actually had some rough words for Jerry during Monday's Cowboys game when she re-uploaded this fun photo: "Glad I got to get a picture with Jerry Jones before he dies of a heart attack brought on by Tony Homo tonight." JUMP!