Jerry Jones Might've Been Shitfaced… Or Tired Last Night In Atlanta

Lazy eyes? Long work day?
Latin Wednesdays? I always thought it was White Girl Wednesday.
It’s refreshing to see Jer back on the club circuit. This 71-year-old horndog is at his best when he’s out clubbing, wearing ridiculous blue suit jackets and pretty much just having billionaire fun. There he was Wednesday at an Atlanta club called Tongue & Groove; the owner’s meetings are in town.
It might have to do with the late draft, but Jerry has been pretty quiet on the bar scene. A year ago he was raging pretty strong, including a fun night out at a Bar Louie.
Last night appeared to be a Jack & Coke night.
Did you party with Jerry at Tongue & Groove? Have a fun story to share? Let us know:

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