Christian Ponder

Aug 11, 2015

Take a Tour Inside Christian and Sam Ponder’s Phoenix House

Considering the barrage of Bay Area photos that Sam Ponder posts to Instagram, you’d assume she and Christian would be keen on the idea of setting up shop there long term. But sadly, Christian’s only signed to a one-year deal...

Jul 22, 2014

Bad News For Erin Andrews … Samantha Ponder Gave Birth To A Girl

  In what has to be another kick to Erin Andrews’ Probiotics-filled stomach, it was announced this week that Samantha Ponder has given birth to a baby girl that was named Bowden Sainte-Claire. That’s right, the girl was named after...

Nov 1, 2013

Christian & Samantha Ponder Selling Minnesota Lake House For $1.095 Million

  Christian and Samantha Ponder are selling their Minnesota lake house, according to the local real estate insiders. Christian, who bought the place 16 months ago for $880,000, now wants $1,095,000. Why sell so quick? We’ll guess that it has...

Samantha & Christian Ponder In Sandlot Halloween Costumes

Christian Ponder and his wife are out with their Halloween costumes. As you can see, the couple went with the classic Sandlot characters Squint and Wendy Peffercorn. You might remember in the movie that Wendy married Squints and had nine...

Oct 29, 2013

Christian Ponder’s Bicep Bruise [PHOTO]

Just in case you were wondering why Joe Webb got the start for the Vikings on Saturday, take a look at this photo. What was being described as a “deep tricep bruise” held Christian Ponder out of Minnesota’s Wild Card ...

Jan 7, 2013

Christian Ponder Sacrifices Bye Week To Follow Samantha Steele From Coast To Coast

How dedicated is Christian Ponder to his developing relationship with ESPN sideline reporter Samantha Steele? He’s been traveling around the country with her while she handles work duty as ESPN’s eye candy while enjoying his bye week. If we know...

Nov 17, 2012


Oct 19, 2012

Christian Ponder Says He’s Dating ESPN’s Samantha Steele

It looks like our Samantha Steele-Christian Ponder dating investigation was spot-on. Ponder, unless he’s just joking, said on Twitter yesterday that his girlfriend is Steele, the rising star of ESPN’s GameDay operation. If this isn’t a joke, this player-sideline reporter...

Sep 16, 2012

Christian Ponder’s Insane Tipped Touchdown Pass To Stephen Burton [VIDEO]

The Minnesota Vikings were getting dominated by the Indianapolis Colts and Andrew Luck. It was 4th and 4 in the red zone when the Vikings decided to go for it late in the fourth quarter. Percy Harvin and Adrian Peterson weren't even on the field. Christian Ponder chucked up a pass that was tipped by another player and landed in the hands of Stephen Burton. Unbelievable. Can Minnesota come back and take down the Colts? JUMP!

Jun 30, 2012

Christian Ponder Is Spending His Offseason At Tallahassee Night Clubs [PHOTOS]

According to @YiannisTally, a night club in Tallahassee, Florida on the strip, Christian Ponder is spending his summer at their night club. Ponder, the Minnesota Viking first round draft pick looks to be the starter this coming season and apparently is spending some time in his college town of Tallahassee. Tallahassee is known to be a college party town. Ponder played for the FSU Seminoles in college. Shouldn't Christian Ponder be practicing some more?  JUMP!