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Nov 21, 2014

Canadian Tennis Goddess Eugenie Bouchard Took a Kite Surfing Lesson

I may not be Canadian, but I am definitely a part of the Genie Army. (For those unaware, that is the name of the awesome fan base of 20-year-old tennis star Eugenie Bouchard.) And as a dedicated member, it only...

Oct 2, 2013

Some Idiot Spray Painted Wayne Gretzky Statues In His Hometown

Welcome back, hockey. Why would someone spray paint statues of Wayne Gretzky in his hometown of Brantford, Ontario? That’s what police are trying to figure out today, according to the Associated Press. Authorities say they have video of the vandalism...

Jul 8, 2012

Unacceptable America: Canada Beat The USA In Football Last Night

Do you know what is absolutely unacceptable? America losing to Canada in FOOTBALL 23 - 17. We aren't talking hockey here. We are talking about OUR game and a foreign neighbor beating us at it. Of course, our best recruits were at a recruiting event called "The Opening". Still, this is a black stain on our country. Will we ever recover from this embarrassment? JUMP!

Happy Belated Canada Day

  Hooray Canada! Yesterday was Canada Day but we are just getting around to celebrating today, which seems kind of appropriate somehow.  Considering we live as far as North Americanly possible from our Canadian neighbors, and taking into account that...

Jul 2, 2008