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Aug 14, 2012

WATCH! Biggin’ Indians Fan Takes Digger Going For Foul Ball [VIDEO]

What's exciting to an Indians fan in a 14-1 drubbing from the Red Sox during Sunday's game? A foul ball. Here we have Cummins diesel biggin' thinking he's about to land himself a $20 MLB souvenir. Of course Affliction bro has to step in to grab the ball, leaving biggin' to fall into that Budweiser Patio fence. Cummins should be commended, though, for giving 110% for that ball. You won't see that effort from some coffee sipper in Seattle. JUMP!

May 31, 2012

Look At S.F. Giants Fan Getting OWNED By The Wind & This Rogue Paper [VIDEO]

Top sign you might want to start cutting back on the draft beers & tasty San Francisco treats? Your giant melon gets smacked straight in the grill - on live TV - by a rogue piece of paper during a Diamondbacks-Giants game. True, the wind isn't nearly as bad at Pac-Bell as it was at Candlestick, but yesterday was an exception. Trash flying all over. Just hot dog wrappers PWNING your ass like a BOSS. Straight into the fat melon. JUMP!

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Apr 5, 2012

Pirates Fan Can’t Even Get Through Opening Day Without Middle Fingering Philly [VIDEO]

So it appears that middle finger salutes from fans will quickly become a 'thing' in Major League Baseball this season. Last night we had Marlins homeboy saluting. Now comes Pirates fan flipping off Phl 17 during what should be a celebration of a new start, green grass & good will amongst fans. Anyway, did you see a fan middle fingering on TV? We want to see them this season. Send them in: (via @CrossingBroad)