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Circus Circus turned 50 this week

I can still remember my dad parking our rented RV in the Circus Circus RV lot when I was like 12. From what I can remember there was a single pool, not much bigger than some backyard pool, and like 500 RV people at the pool because it was like 130-degrees on that blacktop. From there we headed for Hoover Dam and eventually to the Grand Canyon where the RV blew a tire and my dad spent the day changing it in ungodly heat. A couple of days later we were in Colorado and then eventually on our way home. By the time we entered Kansas my parents were discussing divorce. No joke. That was it, they were eventually done a couple years later.
Anyway, Circus Circus is the big 5-0. 

“I can’t believe we’ve made it this far,” said Tom Nolan, vp of theme park operations.
Circus Circus is celebrating five decades of entertaining tourists on the Las Vegas Strip. Since it opened in 1968, the property has become a pop culture symbol — appearing in several movies, like the 1971 Bond film “Diamonds are Forever.”
It started as only a casino and then opened it’s first hotel rooms in 1972.
“Watched them build the west tower,” Nolan said.
Tom Nolan has worked at the property for 28 years. While there’s been many changes, he says one thing has remained the same.
“When I first started here, the first thing I felt is the family effect. Everybody that worked here at Circus Circus either before or present, it’s all a big family,” he said. “Twenty eight years later, it’s still family, it’s still fun to come in to work every day. It’s Circus Circus! You got to have fun.”

No shitt Tom, that place should’ve been blown up a long time ago but people keep blowing money there and MGM loves that profit so it’s not going anywhere.

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