Amanda Pflugrad

May 12, 2015

Ex-Oregon Cheerleader Amanda Pflugrad Lands Celtics Job

  I’m not going to lie. If I hadn’t met my future wife in 2006, I would’ve probably married Oregon...

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Aug 27, 2012

Oregon Cheerleader Looks Declining, According To Former Starting QB Nate Costa

We should just assume former Oregon football captain and quarterback Nate Costa isn't having sex with or dating a current Ducks cheerleader. Costa, who won the team's 2010 Most Inspirational Player award, was part of the 2010 team that played in the BCS Championship against Auburn. That was in January 2011. Today, just over a year and a few odd months later, Costa decided it was time to diss the looks of UO cheerleaders. JUMP!

Mar 8, 2012

America’s Next Top Sideline Reporters [PHOTOS]

Ever watched 'America's Next Top Model?' Yeah, same here. Would you watch 'America's Next Top Sideline Reporter?' Yeah, same here. We'd be glued to our TV as Lingerie Football League sideline reporter Lauren Gardner battles with sideline reporter Britt McHenry in halftime interviews with angry football coaches. Could you imagine Laura McKeeman battling Amanda Pflugrad over the use of busted coverage in a sentence. Guys, this needs to happen. JUMP!

Mar 7, 2012

Fox Sideline Reporter Amanda Pflugrad Is Former Oregon Cheerleader [PHOTOS]

As we've mentioned time and time again, the University of Oregon should be honored with awards for being the finest sideline reporter school in the United States. Whether it's former UO cheerleader Katelynn Johnson working sidelines or Stephanie Essin with big sideline reporting dreams, this school is like the Harvard Law of sideline reporters. Amanda Pflugrad might have the best chance to become the next 'it' girl for American men fascinated by women working mics. JUMP!

Feb 3, 2011

That Is Tim Tebow Hanging With Amanda Pflugrad A Former Oregon Cheerleader! Let The Rumors Fly! OMG!!

BREAKING! It’s been like 2 1/2 years since we’ve had a legitimate photo of Tim Tebow with a chick. Yes,...

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May 5, 2010

Former Oregon Ducks Cheerleader Amanda Pflugrad Transforming Into Insanely Hot Model

The last time we heard from Oregon Ducks cheerleader Amanda Pflugrad, she was bitching at us about a blog post...

University Of Oregon Threatening Cheerleader Amanda Pflugrad Over Online Bikini Photos?

WTF happened to liberal Eugene, Oregon. The rumblings out of the granola capital started last week when the long time...

Aug 26, 2009