Cowboys Cheerleaders Call Out Packers Players For ‘Disrespect’ On Sidelines

Members of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad are speaking out and criticizing the Green Bay Packers players for their actions during last weekend’s Wild Card game between the two teams.

Cowboys fans were going through all of the emotions during their 48-32 beatdown at AT&T Stadium, while cheerleaders also say they were “on the verge of tears” because of the Packers players’ actions.

According to some of the cheerleaders, the Packers players were “screaming” in their face on the sidelines and delivering some trash talk while celebrating their big road win.

One of the cheerleaders to speak out was Darian Lassiter on TikTok, who captioned a video “the disrespect be crazy.”


“At the Cowboys versus Packers game Sunday, I have never experienced such disrespect from the other team’s players,” Lassiter said in the video. “[The Packers] would come up to us standing on the sidelines, minding our own business, and start yelling at us. Sometimes, it was this close,” she continued while holding her hand inches from her face.

“I feel like that’s unsportsmanlike conduct. It’s so crazy how they can’t do that to the Cowboys players, but they can do it to the cheerleaders and nothing’s going to happen. I understand the playoffs is a huge deal, but that does not mean your humbleness and respect for women flies out the window.”

Others chimed in and said they had a similar experience during the game, but can you really put fault on the Packers players?

They just scored a huge win to keep their Super Bowl hopes alive and wanted to celebrate the win. And it is a competition, so sometimes you’re going to get some trash talk between players and fans.

It seems like the Cowboys cheerleaders simply got caught in the crossfire.

Up next for the Packers is another road playoff game against the top-seeded San Francisco 49ers. The game — which will determine who advances to the NFC Championship — will get underway on Saturday, January 20 at 8:15 p.m. ET.

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