College Football 2023: 5 Headlines From Week 0

LOS ANGELES, NOVEMBER 1, 2007: USC Trojan Football Fans Celebrate after a touch down durring the annual USC vs. UCLA Football Game on November 1, 2007 in Los Angeles, California.


College football made its triumphant return this past weekend. While Week 0 may not have been dream matchup after dream matchup. It still was a great appetizer of games to get fans prepared for the full slate of Week 1. Week 0 delivered on many fronts. Including the first showcase of a top Heisman candidate. Here are the five biggest headlines from Week 0.

5. Drone Delays

Past generations would often wonder how future generations would handle advancements in technology. Most would have the dream of flying cars in a utopian society. However, we can now answer those past generations with a straightforward answer: “drone delays.” Yes, college football has fallen victim to rogue drones interrupting play. New Mexico State and UMass briefly went under delay due to the presence of a drone above the field of play. As technology advances, humans still desire the urge to be a nuisance.

4. The Return Of Rich Rod

One thing that sets college football apart from the NFL would be the variety of characters along the sideline. The NFL is a professional setting, with minimal opportunities for head coaches to flash personalities. However, college football is beaming with a band of characters, including Jacksonville State head coach Rich Rodriguez. Rich “Rod” is most known for his tenure with West Virginia, but the fiery sideline personality is now leading the Gamecocks in their first season in the FBS. This past Saturday, the program made history with its first FBS victory. It is just another feather in the cap of Rodriguez.

3. Pretend To Care Vanderbilt

If conference realignment has taught us anything, it’s that academics are the least of anyone’s cares. Stanford is one of the most prestigious academic schools in the Power Five, yet they are currently on the outside looking in. Vanderbilt has long been the standout academic school that the SEC prides itself on having in the conference. However, this past weekend, the program may have forgotten they actually have to play sports. With an unfinished stadium and a scoreboard that could be the antagonist in a new Final Destination film, the Commodores welcomed Hawaii to Nashville. While the ‘Dores earned the victory, the program earned more laughs than praise.

2. The Irish Look Fresh In The Homeland

Notre Dame traveling to Ireland may need to become a yearly event. The Fighting Irish opened their 2023 slate in Dublin, taking on the Naval Academy. While the game was a route in favor of the Irish, the spectacle of the event made a lasting impression. Europe has proven to be a commodity for starving American football fans. This past Saturday continued to prove that point. The Irish have spoken, and Notre Dame has an entire country’s support.

1. Caleb. Williams.

USC quarterback Caleb Williams already has a Heisman Trophy on his list of accolades. On Saturday, the reigning award winner proved that he is on the shortlist yet again for the award this season. On a busted play in the second quarter, Williams displayed his athleticism and talent by pulling off a video game-like play that resulted in a Trojans touchdown. Although, don’t expect to see Williams in the new EA Sports College Football game. That is unless the company is ready to throw the bag at the star QB.


College Football 2023: 5 Players To Watch In The SEC
College Football 2023: 5 Players To Watch In The SEC