Zion Williamson Reportedly Has ‘No Interest’ In Developing Game

LOS ANGELES, USA. July 10, 2019: Zion Williamson at the 2019 ESPY Awards at the Microsoft Theatre LA Live. Picture: Paul Smith/Featureflash


It has been quite the offseason for New Orleans Pelicans star Zion Williamson. Not only is he dealing with questions concerning his availability on the court, but he may also be on an episode of Maury telling the world he is not the father.

Williamson has seen ex-partner Moriah Mills go completely banana land on the NBA superstar. Mills has taken to Twitter on several occasions to share stories about Williamson that are more than likely better kept private.

But that isn’t the news that we’re here to tell today.

On Monday, it was reported that Williamson has “no interest” in improving his game in other areas. No, not his game with the ladies, but rather his game on the court. Ric Bucher of Fox Sports is hearing that the New Orleans star is completely fine with the way he plays the game now.

“Where are the floaters, up and under layups, his pull-up jumpers at the elbow? Now from what I’ve been told, he’s shown no interest in developing any of those tricks. Tricks that Blake Griffin learned along with a decent three-point shot when the injuries started to pile up for him, and allowed him to single-handedly drag the Detroit Pistons to a playoff berth.”

Now, could all of this talk be a fabrication? Absolutely. This is the time of year that when a media member hears something like LeBron James is switching from briefs to tighty whities; they run with it. We are desperate for news in any fashion that we can receive it.

In my mind, it would be absolutely insane for Williamson to come out and say that he doesn’t want to improve his game. It’s also insane that his ex may have gotten a tattoo of him on his face.

Either way, the summer rumor mill is in full effect.

Williamson has been a talking point since making his decision to play for Duke in college. There’s no question that he is one of the more scrutinized players in the NBA at the moment. However, the best way to put out the fire is with production on the court. Yes, he’ll still have his haters, but they will sound more delusional with his great play to back him up.

Whatever the case may be, a Williamson at full health would be great for the league. Zion’s athletic abilities are something that is craved by fans. Imagine his first drive to the basket on Victor Wembanyama.

Is it basketball season yet?

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