Did Aaron Donald “Silently” Retire Through Social Media Last Night?

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Will he? Or won’t he? One of the more annoying and agonizing questions for a fan base and team is when their star player is contemplating retirement. A game once made famous by Brett Favre, the player’s now have retirement decisions that stretch out longer than their college recruitment.

Los Angeles Rams defensive star Aaron Donald “quietly” changed his Twitter bio last night. The itty bitty change to the bio stated that the future first-ballot Hall of Famer was a former NFL defensive lineman. Not sure about the intention of the bio change, but Donald’s quiet retirement gained traction immediately.

Donald has since changed his bio back to its previous look, now stating that Donald is a “Former Pitt Football Player #97 NFL D Lineman for the Rams #99” Donald toyed with the idea of retirement after the Rams Super Bowl victory last season.

Rams head coach Sean McVay, who has also played the retirement game in back-to-back seasons, famously pleaded with Donald to come back this season with his run-it-back chant during the team”s Super Bowl parade last season. Donald’s 2022 campaign wasn’t the season he or the team hoped for, as injuries held Donald out of six games.

There’s no question Donald has cemented his legacy as a football player. The story of the NFL can’t be told without the name Aaron Donald. Can we all agree that the retirement drama needs to end for everyone in the sport? Peacock saved Days Of Our Lives. We have plenty of drama to watch already.

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