Ben Simmons Proud Of Making Two Free Throws, Gives Philly Fans A Shrug

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A - August 23, 2019 - The view of Wells Fargo Center from Interstate 95 South during the day


One of the most anticipated games of the NBA season went down on Tuesday night when Ben Simmons returned to Philadelphia when the Nets met the Sixers. The outcome may not have been what Ben Simmons was hoping for as the Sixers got the win, 115-106; I guess the former first-pick overall got a small piece of justice when he showed that he could make free throws. Yes, plural, as in two in a row.

Simmons had his Jordan moment lying in wait. He couldn’t wait to show the raucous Philly crowd that his game had changed for the better. I’m sure Simmons heard every possible derogatory comment a human could hear last night, so throwing the shrug was a perfect way for him to acknowledge the fans.

Unlike the real head of the table, Roman Reigns, Simmons’s stat line looked more like a role player than a star. Simmons flirted with the 10-10-10 triple-double, finishing with 11 pts, 11 asst, and 7 reb.

The war between Simmons and Philly will more than likely never be over. Simmons continued to bash the city in his post-game presser, saying he thought the crowd would be louder for his return.

The league needs villains, and Philadelphia needs someone to hate. I could watch this rivalry for the rest of time. Simmons even showed the crowd that, yes, in fact, he can make a layup. The two teams will not meet again this season until January 25th. Yes, it takes place in Philly.

Bucks vs 76ers Live Stream: Watch NBA On ESPN Online
Bucks vs 76ers Live Stream: Watch NBA On ESPN Online
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