Hot Takes Of 2022: The NFL Made The Right Call Moving Browns-Bills

Dec 12, 2021; Tampa, FL USA; Josh Allen during an NFL game at Raymond James Stadium. (Steve JacobsonIts Sports Magazine)


This is going to be an unpopular opinion. I get it. Everyone loves a game that involves the elements, myself included. We witnessed incredible MACtion this past week in heavy snow environments. However, being a founding member of the short king society, six feet of snow doesn’t sit right with me. The NFL made the right call moving the Browns-Bills game.

On Thursday, it was officially announced that the game between the Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns would be moving to Ford Field in Detroit due to the impending blizzard that is going to smack northern New York. While many are upset with the decision, let me play dad for a second. Six feet of snow is a public safety hazard, people!

If the game stayed in Buffalo, it would be unwatchable on television, and the product on the field would be atrocious. The NFL is no longer a game; it’s a business. There’s too much money on the line for the league to play this game in the predicted conditions.

Yes, we get it, grandpa. In your day, players played on frozen tundras. They also would smoke cigarettes and have a beer at halftime. I want to see good football, and moving this game to Ford Field is the best way for fans of both teams to see a fair game.

The only downside to this decision is that the Buffalo Bills can now go 2-0 at Ford Field this week as they play the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving. A 2-0 record at Ford Field will give the Bills more wins in Detroit than the Lions in the month of November. It’s hard being a Lions fan. Send positive vibes our way, please.

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