5 Sports Podcasts That Deserve Your Attention


The era of podcasts continues to grow by the day. I have so many podcast episodes waiting in my queue that it may take a lifetime for me to finish them all. Everyone has their core podcasts that they never miss. As you’re thinking about what podcasts to introduce to your friends that they’ll never listen to, here are 5 sports podcasts that deserve your attention.

5. Pride of Detroit

If you haven’t noticed by now, any time I get a chance to shout out anything Detroit Lions related, you bet your sweet candy ass I’m gonna do it. Pride of Detroit is one of the top fan sites in the sports world. Jeremy, Christopher, and the gang bring it with everything they do. This show has the perfect mix of pessimism and optimism that sums up the life of a Lions fan.

4. “F” in Sports

When surveying the sports podcast landscape, a true diamond is “F” in Sports. Hosted by Belly Up Sports and everyone’s favorite history teacher Parker Ainsworth, “F’ in Sports brings everything that most of us enjoy in a podcast. Humor and passion for sports. #DontFlunkWithUs

3. The Sessions with Renee Paquette

The current first lady of professional wrestling is none other than Renee Paquette. Paquette, along with her husband and current AEW World Heavyweight Champion Jon Moxley, are basically the modern-day version of Savage and Queen Elizabeth. (Apologies to Miz and Maryse) Having said all that, The Sessions with Renee Paquette are conversations that include more than pro wrestling. Paquette’s talents are made for conversation, and she finds the most in each guest. This podcast needs to be on your list.

2. Even Money: NFL Gambling Podcast

With his fill-in roles on the Dan Patrick Show, Ross Tucker has grown on me like a skin tag on my leg that I’ve decided to keep for the rest of my days. Tucker’s Even Money podcast is a mainstay on my podcast channels list and has helped me secure the so-called bag when I’m in a state that allows the hideous world of sports gambling.

1. KSR Pre-Show

Just when you thought I was done plugging my fandom loyalties, I come back with another one. The KSR Pre-Show is pure entertainment and a great leadup to the greatest college sports fan show that is Kentucky Sports Radio. Shannon The Dude is this generation’s Casey Kasem, and Billy could easily be the Danny Bonaduce to Shannon’s Kasem.

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