Here’s Everything Breeder’s Cup 2022 Bettors Need to Know to Secure Their Win

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The Breeder’s Cup Championship is one of the year’s most anticipated horse racing events. In 2022, the 39th edition of the Championship will be held, and it will showcase the best of the best thoroughbreds around the world. It’s the ball of the season and a great way to end the year!

The more popular a horse racing event is, the more bettors come together to choose their lucky contenders. But, despite its popularity, it doesn’t make the betting experience any less challenging. 

What To Expect in the Breeder’s Cup 2022

The Breeder’s Cup Championship comprises 14 amazing races, but the following numbers are the major races you should watch and place your bets on!

If you want to watch the most competitive thoroughbred horse race, watch the Classic! The 2022 edition has a purse at 6.1 million, making it one of the world’s richest races. It makes you wonder how great the contenders are if it has such a fat purse, right? 

If you didn’t know, horse racing has numerous annual races. The Classic has become the fourth and final leg of thoroughbred racing; it’s even considered the Grand Slam. It’s why numerous spectators come together to watch the year’s final race.

Horses can qualify for the classic if they’re at least three years old. Coaches and jockeys from the United States are also highly trained, which may be the recurring reason horses from the U.S. usually win the race. Just last year, Knicks Go won the Del Mar race under Joel Rosario’s supervision.

  • Breeder’s Cup Juvenile Turf

The Juvenile Turf race has a purse of 2 million, and it only features two-year-old horses – making it one of the wealthiest competitive races for two-year-old horses in the world. Also, it races on dirt, so look for horses that race well on these surfaces. 

The Breeder’s Cup Juvenile Turf is famous since it’s almost a sneak peek at future races. In addition, the superstars of the race typically participate in the following editions as three-year-olds, making it a great race to observe a horse’s capabilities. 

  • Breeder’s Cup Turf

The Breeder’s Cup Turf has a purse set of 4 million this year. It’s the second richest race in the entire Championship, after the Classic. This Turf race was created for International fans since, as you know, horse racing is popular in all parts of the world. It has a distance of the standard European classic distance of 1.5 miles.

It’s the race where horses born and trained in Europe have dominated the front lines. In 2021, Yibir Dubawi won the competition.

When and Where Will It Be Held

You must know when and where the horse race will be held to secure your win. First, how could you place your bets if you don’t know when the race will be held? Second, you need to know where the Championship will take place to determine what kind of surface the horses will race in.

Another importance of the location is that you can know whether or not the contenders would travel to the venue or not. If they were subjected to traveling, there’s a chance that they would be sick from the travel, causing a misstep in their performance. Of course, this is simply a factor you should look out for. 

If you’ve been a Breeder’s Cup or horse racing fan, then you know that these annual events tend to follow tradition, and the Championship is no exception. It will be held at Del Mar, California, in the ever-so-iconic Keeneland Race Course. In 2022, it’ll be only the third time that the Championship will be held in Lexington.

You can watch the race on the 4th and 5th of November. You can buy your ticket at the official website of the Breeder’s Cup. If you don’t want to leave your home, you can watch it at NBC or on your registered betting website (if they offer it).

How Do Horses Qualify for the Race

The Championship is undoubtedly highly competitive. Thousands of horses compete in fighting for a spot, and they do it by challenging different horses in Challenge Races. It’s held throughout the reason in different parts of the world, in different courses to allow broader participation. 

When a horse wins a Challenge race, it is granted an automatic starting spot in the Championship race. The organizers would also handle the horse’s pre-entry and entry fees. Then, all the horses would have to worry about is their fare and how to train to win first place. 

The following are some of the significant Challenge races held worldwide:

  • Japan: Yasuna Kinen and Takarazuka Kinen
  • Europe: King George & Queen Elizabeth Stakes, Qatar Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, and Juddmonte International Stakes.
  • South America: Gran Premio Criadores and Gran Premio Club Hipico Falabella

It would help if you got to know these races and watched them so that you could review their performance beforehand. In addition, it helps punters efficiently decide on their horses. Note that these aren’t the only Challenge races in these locations. However, they are the popular ones. 

Final Thoughts

November is always filled with good tidings for fans and bettors of horse racing! Spectators of the Breeder’s Cup Championship witness one of the sports’ most unique competitive events. Use the information you have above to make your betting experience much easier. Secure your win by constantly adding up your knowledge poin

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