HBO ‘Hard Knocks: Detroit Lions’ Season Finale Promises To Be Must-See TV


Dan Campbell and the Detroit Lions have been featured on the latest season of the HBO series Hard Knocks. The show follows teams during training camp and gives a behind-the-scenes look at the personalities and talent on the team, and how the organization operates.

This season of Hard Knocks: Training Camp With The Detroit Lions premiered on Tuesday, August 9, and aired each week on HBO at 10:00 p.m. ET until the season finale on September 6.

Well, we are finally here.

The Lions were one of three teams available to be selected along with the New York Jets and Carolina Panthers. Ultimately, HBO decided to roll the dice in Detroit.

Plenty of stars have been born over the past few weeks likeĀ head coach Dan Campbell, rookie linebacker Malcolm Rodriguez, wide receiver Kalil Pimpleton, and offensive tackle Obinna Eze. This week, everyone will learn their fates as the Lions cut down to the final roster… there will even be an appearance from Eminem.

You can check out the season finale of Hard Knocks below, along with information on how to tune in.

‘Hard Knocks: Detroit Lions’ Trailer & Info

Episodes will air on HBO Tuesdays at 10:00 p.m. ET beginning on August 9 and will end with the finale on September 6.

How To Watch Hard Knocks: Detroit LionsĀ Live Stream Online

If you have an HBO cable subscription or are subscribed to the streaming service, just head on over to HBO Max, type in your cable or satellite provider information, and you’re all set. If you have an internet-only subscription to HBO’s standalone streaming service HBO Max, click the link to plug in your log-in information.

Stream Hard Knocks: Detroit LionsĀ On Phone, Tablet & Other Devices

HBO Max has you covered with an app that’s available for download on a ton of different platforms. Here are the App Store,Ā Google Play, Amazon, and Roku links, and you can check out a full list of compatible devicesĀ hereĀ by typing in your cable or satellite provider.
HBO Max also has an app that can be downloaded a million different ways.

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