College Football 2022: Week 0 Schedule & Betting Odds

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We finally made it! The 2022 college football season kicks off this weekend, with a full slate from noon to midnight. The Saturdays of doing lame housework or going on a shopping trip will now be pushed aside for future you to deal with. Make sure the fridge is stocked, and the Doordash driver still knows where to deliver the wings. Here is the schedule for Week 0 and the current betting odds.

Northwestern (+13) vs. Nebraska  in Dublin, Ireland, over/under 49.5

Charlotte (+7.5) at Florida Atlantic, over/under: 59.5

Nevada (-9) at New Mexico State, over/under: 50.5

Connecticut (+27.5) at Utah State, over/under: 60.5

North Texas pick ’em at UTEP, over/under: 55

Wyoming (+11) at Illinois, over/under: 44

Vanderbilt (-7.5) at Hawaii, over/under: 53.5

So it’s not the best lineup of games worthy of watching; who cares? This is Week 0, people; we have to ease back into this. Almost like riding a bicycle after not being on one for over a decade. By the time we are back into the thick of things and our thumb muscles are back in shape searching for the worn-down back button, we will look back on Week 0 as the precious gemstone it has always meant to be. Praise be to he! College football is back, and all feels right in the world again.


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