How To Build a Career in Basketball If You’re Not a Basketball Player

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Basketball allows many people to get exercise while also socializing with their friends and acquaintances. It also provides many employment options for individuals with the necessary qualifications. Many of these positions are associated with educational institutions, particularly high schools and colleges. You can also go for the more technical ones by applying for jobs for a basketball scout or coach.

If you’re passionate about basketball and want to make a career out of it but don’t have the necessary skills, you can earn a living by going for non-player jobs such as broadcasting, social media management, or interpreter. 

To provide more information on this, we have teamed up with experts from job aggregator Jooble on the ways to build a career in basketball without being a basketball player

7 Non-player Career Opportunities In Basketball

There are several career opportunities you can pursue as a non-basketball player. Below are the 7 best professions you can explore if you want to build a career in basketball without playing on the court.

  • Referee

A referee is a person who oversees sporting events. Their thorough understanding of the league’s rules aids them in ensuring that all athletes play fairly. When a foul occurs in basketball, officials have the authority to call a timeout and administer the appropriate penalty. These professionals also keep track of the time, keep score, and mediate player conflicts.

  • Broadcaster 
NCAA Basketballl USC vs OU, Tulsa, USA - 15 Dec 2018: Oklahoma Sooners and Southern California Trojans get ready for tip off.


A broadcaster is someone who hosts a television or radio show. You can also consider working for social media that broadcasts basketball tournaments. These professionals may cover a large segment of work, from discussing team performances during the season to conducting interviews with players and coaches. 

Also, broadcasters provide commentary and score updates during quarters. They may also be in charge of conducting post-game assessments and moderating panel discussions.

  • Social media manager 

A social media manager monitors the companies, teams, or celebrities’ social media accounts. They can develop a brand’s image and use their marketing skills to promote the company. These experts also construct advertising campaigns that appeal to the preferences of a specific demographic. 


Some of the primary responsibilities of a social media manager include creating posting schedules, following social media trends, and gauging interaction. Basketball social media managers can utilize a variety of venues to promote games, publish scores, and communicate with fans.

  • Interpreter

An interpreter is a person who helps people who speak an entirely different language to communicate with the audience verbally. They pay attention to and memorize what the parties say, keeping the original context in mind so they can pass the correct information.

As more clubs recruit players worldwide, this function becomes increasingly crucial in the basketball industry. Many basketball teams employ interpreters to ensure they can interact with players who speak other languages.


  • Sports coach
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A sports coach assists the team in reaching its most significant potential. They may connect with scouts and organize tryouts to find the most skilled athletes for their squad. They also help with practice regimens, drill explanations, and technique demonstrations.

Sports coaches may hold instructional sessions to discuss methods and review game films in addition to typical training. These professionals are in charge of motivating players and coordinating offensive and defensive strategies during games.

  • Camera operator 

A camera operator records video from a variety of events. These individuals frequently work for cable companies in the basketball industry to broadcast live games. They use cranes and remote-control cameras to shoot action pictures and conduct player interviews. Camera operators may also gather footage for documentaries on basketball, allowing them to tell the story of an athlete’s journey or highlight business procedures.


You don’t have to be a professional athlete before pursuing a career for yourself in basketball. Several jobs can help you turn your passion for basketball into a career without having to get on the court. We have analyzed seven career opportunities in basketball non-players above. Pick your best one and pursue it.

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