Terpene Chart: Meaning and Uses 

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Terpenes are found in every plant that exists on the planet. Every terpene is unique, with a distinct aroma and therapeutic effects. As per research, there are almost 20,000 identical terpenes found on Earth, and scientists believe there are still many to be discovered.

These are found in plants, but some are common, and some are very rare and only found in cannabis or hemp. To understand perfectly, check the quality and the aromas of each element to identify. A terpene chart is used to make this process seamless.  

These charts only focus on terpenes found in cannabis or hemp plants extracted and used to make other products to achieve results. These charts come in the form of wheels and bars. It is basically a measuring method for the quality and the quantity. 

For Cannabis Research

Cannabis research is an essential matter for the cannabis industry. The type, quality, aroma, and texture of cannabis define the quality and the results. Researching Cannabis terpenes is a part of the weed community and is done closely through many methods, including the charts, to find the effects of cannabis when used.  

How to Read It?

To read it, always start with a key. In the largest quadrants in the center, you will find six common elements constructed in cannabis or hemp. These include humulene, myrcene, pinene, limonene, linalool, and caryophyllene. In the next quadrant, you will be able to see their boiling points given, after that their aromas, followed by their effects, and then in what other plants it is found and their therapeutic effects. 

For example, if myrcene has a boiling point of 168 degrees celsius, it is described as herbal, musk, and citrus. The sedative properties could also be found through this process and any requirement for enhancement of psychoactivity of THC.  

THC is the element present in cannabis that makes the user feel high. In the above example, myrcene is found in citrus, mango, lemongrass, thyme, and bay grass, and it has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal benefits. 

To Find the Strains of Cannabis’s Terpene

The quality, features, flavor, and effects of cannabis are found by establishing the strains of terpene it contains. This is found through a terpene chart by finding the effect of strain potency. The two factors that define the strain potency and effects are Indica and Sativa. 

Indicas are used to find the relaxing bit and Sativas for energizing. Nowadays, most of the strains are hybrids making Indica and Sativa have similar THC levels.

Cannabis terpenes have strains that are categorized as awakening, relaxing, stress-relieving, creativity-inspiring, mood-boosting, sleep-promoting, and many more. Some strains also have medicinal properties like anti-inflammatory, insect-repelling, and anti-anxiety. 

For instance, pinene has the power to improve your breathing difficulty if you have asthma. This particular element is found not only in the Pine trees but also in rosemary and basil leaves. 

When Cannabinoids and terpene mix together, they increase both the medicinal and recreational effects to give you an enriched and heavenly feel. 

Try this chart to find the exact properties of terpenes and their cannabis effects. After knowing the perfect measure and quantity of these, you can select the products that work best for you. 

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