Kendrick Perkins Tells Story About Two Former Celtics Teammates Having A Boxing Match

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Kendrick Perkins has been a blossoming star in his role as an NBA media personality. Recently the former NBA big man sat down with JJ Redick on his podcast, TheOldMan&TheThree, and told an intriguing story about former teammates Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen. Perkins recounts the time Allen and Rondo were at such odds that the team decided to let the two have a boxing match at practice. Perkins had this to say about the incident between Allen and Rondo:

“When things started to go south, in my opinion, the first incident was when Ray was pushing so hard to trade Rondo for CP3,” Perkins said. “It got back to Rondo. Right there we started having a little friction. We made Ray and Rondo actually box it out. They had so much beef we got to the practice facility, we brought the boxing gloves and they actually had to box it out because we just didn’t want to the tension no more.”

That Celtics team didn’t have the best break-up when Allen split to join LeBron James in Miami. However, Perkins did mention how the group has now let go of past grudges and can celebrate the accomplishments they helped bring to the Celtics franchise.

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